Ideal Pampering
Brianna Corder

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

I am a mobile Massage Therapist ! Enjoy everything in the comfort of your own home or office :-)


 Swedish Massage $60 (1HR) $($90) 90 min... A Swedish style relaxation massage for optimum tension and stress relief, using either gentle soothing touch or firm stroke a induces relaxation ,increase circulation ease tired muscles                                         

Peppermint twist $85 (1HR 20 min) a relaxation massage using peppermint essential oil ,that is highly therapeutic due to it concentrated properties using hot towels to sooth away aches         

Cupping Massage $100 1HR

Sports Massage $75 1HR a swedish style massage with stretching and new range of motion 

Prenatal Massage $80(1HR) Help alleviate those little aches and pains brought on by the demands of pregnancy.  Pregnancy places huge physical demands on the female body.  Pregnancy massage is specifically devised to provide a response to those demands. 

Ice massage  $60 1HR   A swedish style massage using ice ( kind of like hot stone but with ice )       

Ear candling $ 30

Chair Masssage $1 per min